Logistics is today one of the fields employing the largest number of personnel in the country and no company can function to its best abilities without dedicated, knowledgeable and inspired employees. Meethale Logistics is no different.

Students and Graduates

We aim at hiring students fresh out of college or university because we believe that they are simply the beacons of modern and innovative ideas.

Experienced Hires:

We require all our employees to be happy, efficient and at their creative best during their time at Meethale. If you feel like improving our team here at Meethale, just give us a call!.

Working Here ---- Work Ambience

We are a network of an active, contributive and passionate group. For more on the corporate culture and work atmosphere at Meethale, hit us up!


Being a company on the brink of growth, Meethale Logistics is constantly aiming to expand our empire and focus on growth in all fields. If you feel like you have the qualifications and perseverance to make a difference, here at Meethale, mail in your Resume with Cover Letter to

Note: Hirings will be done for the latest branch set up in Kannur, Kerala in all the postings pertaining to a logistics company including Sales, Documentation, and the like.